3P Innovation


We will be working closely with 3P Innovation, a company with a very successful track record in the medical industry. They have begun to use their expertise to manufacture face visors, using 3D printing methods. However, they have recognised that whilst 3D printers are an excellent way to produce something, they are not good at doing volume. There is also the cost of materials to consider. So, to resolve this problem 3P Innovation have devised a unique approach.

First is to set up a not for profit organisation to oversee a number of aspects. Second is to start a crowd funding appeal to help pay for the materials and thirdly to connect with owners, be they companies or individuals of 3D printers to get them to join in and build up the volumes to help our frontline NHS heroes.


How does it work?

3P Innovation have sourced a proven design of visor that has been approved by the Czech Ministry of Health. The 3D file containing this design is free to download for those supporting this initiative. Once a quantity of the finished visor bands are complete they are sent to 3P Innovation. Upon receipt they are held in a quarantine area before going through a quality control check, all performed by the team in full PPE. Providing the product meets the standard it then moves on to spend 5 minutes in an alcohol wash under laminar flow hood to ensure it is fully de-contaminated. The next stage moves into a clean room environment, something 3P are very familiar with through their work with world leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. Here a visor screen and elastic strap are added to the 3D printed visor band before the components are packed and sealed, ready for self-assembly by the medical teams in the hospitals we support.

The PRUSA visor

Work is ongoing now to get this vital piece of PPE approved by the NHS; however, we are confident that it meets not only their standards but those of any health service around the world. 

At this point Visor Bikes step in to provide the transportation logistics ensuring this key piece of PPE gets to where it’s needed as quickly as possible.

So as you can see this is a quick, unique and innovative approach to help solve the shortage of visors for NHS staff who are helping patients battle Covid-19.  

If you are able to get involved by making a financial contribution please visit the crowd funding page

If you’re able to volunteer your services and donate products, please go to https://bit.ly/NHSvisors3P